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Substation Engineering

Our Substation Engineering Services

PSTI provides quality, efficient, and reliable service in the substation/plant engineering for power utility, oil and gas, and renewable and distributed generation.

Via strategic collaboration and competent sub‐contracting, PSTI can provide turn‐key type of service including engineering, procurement, commissioning, and construction.

LV/MV/HV Substation/Plant/MCC Design Service to Power Utilities, Oil & Gas

• Conduct relay and equipment (CB, MOD, CT and PT etc.) replacement in existing substations / plants. Handle well with unanticipated situations encountered over executing such brown field projects

• Provide conceptual engineering service on options, option comparison with cost justification; Single line diagram; Identify project risks and challenges

• Develop substation drawings, calculations, layouts and elevation drawings, single line diagrams and three phase diagrams, site plan

• Power system studies: load flow, short circuit, motor start and arc flash

• Conduct design study on AC/DC load, cable selection and voltage dropping, CT sizing, burden and saturation, grounding grid;

• Prepare the detailed design package including AC control single line, DC logic diagrams, DC & AC Station Service distribution, AC & DC Schematic, wiring diagrams and cable tables, panel layout & cutout diagrams, control building layout, bill of material (BoM) etc.

• Draft / review / finalize equipment specification and datasheet for power transformers, generators, motors, MCC, VFD, switchgear (AIS or GIS), UPS and DC power

• Provide Construction Plan from designers’ perspective for guiding the construction and installation; Create Commissioning and Testing Plan; Support field construction and commissioning

SCADA Integration

• Convert network based SCADA to cloud based by replacing in‐house networking resource with major cloud web service providers (such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft “Clouds”)

• Add mobile device application to the existing SCADA for historian and realtime data polling / presentation, analytics, alarm processing, based on cloud computation

• Install new SCADA using cloud based technology and products to reduce the initial capital cost and ongoing maintenance cost

• Integrate multiple SCADA system from different vendors or different vintages into one consistent format

Maintenance Engineering Service

• Support on troubleshooting of substation equipment failure and protection mis‐operation; provide engineering service for short‐term mitigation and replacement

• Substation major equipment general specification and detailed specification study, model selection, standardization, and procurement support

• Root cause analysis on substation equipment and protection failure; trending data analysis and long term solution proposal

• Equipotential bonding & grounding (EB&G) standard creation and maintaining • Arc flash hazard analysis and study on MV and LV metalclad switchgear or other equipment of concern

• Create operation and design standards / templates / procedures related with substation engineering

P&C Relay Setting Service

• Design detailed relay settings for protecting power transmission lines, distribution feeders, power transformers, phase shifting transformers, shunt reactors, capacitor banks, busses, breakers (failure and control), reclosers

• Provide overall P&C protection scheme consultation with expert’s insight in formal reports; estimate of P&C implementation cost; scheme selection based on analysis of protection reliability (dependability and security), redundancy, speed and selectivity; coordination study, check and documentation

• P&C standard development at philosophy level, and at relay / device level (e.g. selecting, screening and applying a new relay, converting the new application into a template or standard)

• Compliance preparation and strategy consulting on reliability & coordination standards

• Short circuit modeling of new power system elements; fault level calculation; fault clearing time analysis and “budgeting”; detailed DC Logic Diagram illustrating the logics between inputs and outputs of relays

• Formal reports (in format of MathCad) documenting engineering calculation, considerations, formula, algorithms, assumptions, justifications

• Preparation and issuance of vendor proprietary settings files directly downloadable to relays; real‐time support to field construction, commissioning & testing; evaluate testing results to ensure validity of settings

• As_Built engineering: Engineering justification for field modifications; prepare and submit As_Recorded (aka As_Built) setting files and reports for permanent project documentation purpose; As_Built “hardware” design modifications as well (if required)

Renewable Energy Power Plant Service

• Economics and market analysis through the lifecycle of a generation project, from the pre‐viability stage to the operation stage

• DG or IPP interconnection (including study to meet the grid codes, negotiation for economics, and implement the interconnection) with DFO, TFO and the ISO in the jurisdiction

• Make technical negotiation and reach coordination agreement with the interconnecting utilities and governing regulators

• Estimate overall cost of interconnecting renewable energy distributed energy resources (DER) to the power system

• Conduct detailed engineering design for the collector bus and substation interfacing with the utility

• Implement transfer trip scheme and anti‐islanding with modern solution

• Provide innovative technical solutions to save cost on the project

Pipeline Mitigation and Substation / Plant Grounding Study

• Model and study pipeline induction due to adjacent power lines; design mitigation plan to protect pipelines

• Design, review, study for mitigation grounding grids in substations / plants. Create, execute or supervise execution of grounding plan to mitigate unsafe operational situation related with high grounding resistance and subsequent high GPR and TPR

• Conduct field work to do on‐site measurement, data retrieval for modelling; execute or supervise execution of the mitigation plan; verify the effectiveness of mitigation plan

Substation Drawing Drafting Service

• For project designs, provide drafting support to variety of stages

• For Asset Management, draft, check and approve all field returned AsRecorded drawings

Project Service

• Project engineering and project management services from the inception of a project to the successful energization. PSTI has been involved with some of the most complicated, or largest projects in Alberta

• Project scheduling, outage request, construction management

• Go through filing and subsequent follow up with AUC, AESO, TFOs and DFOs on connection to the AIES (Alberta Integrated Electric System)

Power System Interconnection Study

• Provide power system interconnection study based on the client’s load or generation need and requirements, as well as the governing system operator’s reliability standards in the jurisdiction

• Identify and resolve power system constraints by considering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions

• Study, propose and design RAS (remedial action scheme) to mitigate power system constrains in lieu of expensive system upgrade

Alberta Power Generation Data

• Historical and real‐time (ongoing) generation facility (per generation unit or per aggregated generation site) with up to minute by minute resolution

• Economic analysis report for viability studies and decision‐making on investments into the Albertan power generation market.

• visit our interactive Alberta Generation Tracing (AGT) dashboard to observe generation and price data over the past 8 days here.

Transmission and Distribution Line Service

• MV & LV distribution and HV transmission line standards –structure design (per codes, standards and the client’s past convention), bill of material, standard maintenance and update

• Foundation and structure design for line towers or poles using PLS‐CADD, PLS‐POLE, TOWER, Staad Pro, S‐Frame/S‐Steel, L‐Pile, AutoCAD or MicroStation.

• Substation civil engineering and land development plan and design. Civil design and review on telecom towers and pre‐fabricated control buildings.

Download our full Scope of Services here