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Renewable Energy

Alberta Renewable Generation Tracing

Live hourly solar and wind power generation output for the last 8 days. Hover over chart to display hourly wind and solar generation output.

To interactively trace wind and solar generation in near real-time and observe the patterns of renewable generation by individual asset, please visit our Alberta Generation Tracing (AGT) dashboard.


Solar Power Generation

Join in the clean energy movement by adopting photovoltaic technology. Turn your rooftop into a source of clean power generation.

We'll take care of the nitty gritty-details. Including everything from permits and applications to designing and installing your brand new solar powered system.


Grid Interconnection

DGs (distributed generations) or DERs (distributed energy resources) are becoming more and more widespread. Connecting to the grid as a new load customer or a new generation customer needs engineering evaluation via comprehensive system studies. Cost of interconnection depends on system topology for the area of interest, impact of proposed load or generation under normal and contingent system operating conditions, and the jurisdictional wire owner's technical requirements. Retaining a power system expert on the customer side to deal with local utility companies is analogous to with hiring a lawyer; it helps progress the project in more professional way. For example, technical negotiation through power system study could ensure interconnection cost is imposed fairly, reasonably, and without unnecessary cost or overbuild. We conduct power system interconnection study, regulatory interpretation, permit and license application, viability study, and economic analysis and forecast.