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Go Solar

Why Go Solar

As electric power engineers, we particularly promote solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation with the option to integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging and smart micro-grid expansion in the future. Utilizing solar energy is essentially fuelless. This technology is far ahead of the game when many countries or jurisdictions are striving to phase out coal and even nuclear power generation. According to a 2014 publication by IEA, the increasing electrification worldwide requires drastic changes in power supply and demand, while "current trends in energy supply and use are unsustainable - economically, environmentally and socially."

According to CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association) President and CEO, John Gorman, "Solar electricity is the smart choice to power Canada's future." Cost of PV power generation system has decreased significantly. According to a CanSIA publication, "FIT/mFIT: 2017 Price Review", the CanSIA Installed Cost for a 6 kW rooftop PV system is Can$2.84 per watt, while for a 500 kW system it is Can$2.27 per watt.

For property owners (residential, commercial, governmental, institutional, farming or industrial), installing a PV generation system is always a viable option. Now is a great time to take action, because the earlier you install a PV system on your property, the sooner you can help revert the negative trend in modern industrial society's electric power generation that is creating too much pollutants.


How It Works

Option 1: Rooftop solar power generation to offset your power consumption
Rooftop solar power generation system is a mature technology and cost comes down quickly due to the large scale of installation worldwide. We will properly size a system for you that maximizes the possibility of savings in the current societal environment. Our rooftop PV power generation system comes with monitoring software to let you know how panels perform.

Option 2: Rooftop solar power generation with battery backup
Extra hardware such as a Tesla Powerwall allows you to consume more of your own solar power to power your household.

Although we do not advocate for off-the-grid living, if the BES (battery energy storage) is large enough, it enables the possibility. Depending on where you live, it may or may not be allowed by the wire owner of that jurisdiction.

Option 3: Rooftop solar power generation with Levels 2 or 3 EV Chargers and home power system management
Cost reduction on both solar generation and EV has started allowing ownership of both. But adding a Level 2 or 3 EV charger to a home with PV generation forms a complicated home power system which requires more thoughtful design for today's and future's green energy living. Certain EV designs allow for the battery in the vehicle to be integrated with the PV power system.


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